Evaluation of Small and Medium Enterprises Support Mechanisms in Syria: A Survey Study on Small and Medium Enterprises Operating in Lattakia

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 تاريخ النشر 2019
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This study aimed to evaluate the current mechanisms in support and development of small and medium enterprises in Syria, from the point of view of owners and managers of these Enterprise. The mechanisms of financing, technical, production, marketing, legislation and government policies have been studied and evaluated. The descriptive approach was used, The number of the distributed questionnaires and valid for the study (137) questionnaire, The data were analyzed using the statistical analysis program (SPSS). The results showed inadequate financial support mechanisms to initiate or expand the activity of the Enterprise under study, and a lack of diversity in their sources of funding. It also showed the inability of technical support mechanisms to provide the components of construction Enterprise, or reduce the time and cost of construction. It also showed the lack of legislative support mechanisms and government policies that reduce the financial burden on these Enterprise or contribute to reducing competition with large imports or Enterprise. It also showed the absence of productive support mechanisms that help to provide technological information for each industry of the Enterprise under study, or provide technical advice and expertise concerning machinery and equipment. The results also indicate the absence of marketing support mechanisms that contribute to small and medium enterprises access to new markets or global markets. The results also indicate the absence of mechanisms to support administrative cadres that contribute to the development of small and medium enterprises, as there are no mechanisms to train the workers of these Enterprise or to rehabilitate administrative leaders or to train production and marketing staff.

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